How to: Create Passive Income by Earning Money Online!

I found myself lost in thought more often than not trying to figure out how to supplement my full-time income to help alleviate the financial burden of a growing family. I looked everywhere you could imagine, sifting through all sorts of questionable sites, wasted money on “money making guides”, and even trusted “side hustle mentors” who claimed to have the secret formula that changes your financial situation in the snap of a finger. Guess what? It’s all a lie.   The money making guide you were sold from that questionable website? It probably would have made you money four years ago when it was originally published, but in 2022, you are NOT going to be making anything profits with outdated online money making and side hustle guides. You need to either be ahead of the curve, or riding the wave with proven, peer reviewed methods found on STACKDATBREAD™ . Are you going to try and re-create the wheel, or use proven methods to supplement your monthly income? Your answer is below.

STACKDATBREAD™ helps skyrocket your online money making through online business!
STACKDATBREAD™ helps skyrocket your online money making through online business!

Take a look at proven online money making and side hustle methods from 2021 / 2022, and emulate them to start growing your side hustles businesses. It does not matter what type of business you start, or when you start it. You can expect to start taking baby steps at first and with time, like a plant being watered on a daily basis, your online money making method or side hustle will start to flourish and make you money!   Online money making methods and side hustles vary and the abundance of variety you have at your disposable is incredible. Do you want to start a social media account and become an Influencer? Do you want to affiliate market links for companies through targeted advertising? Are you going to offer a skill that you can charge for? The options for a side hustle, and to make money online are truly endless. The average person struggles to get started, especially when the beginning is slow and unrewarding, and that is why they never actually grow a successful side hustle, online money making venture, or business!   Do not be discouraged by lack of progress in the start of your side hustles and online money making ventures. Like a seed sprouting in some moistened soil, you need to trust the process, as it will start slow and steady. This initial time is crucial as the beginning of your online money making or side hustles is the foundation that you lay for the future of the business. If you rush through your start-up and are only concerned with pulling profit and not laying a solid business foundation, you will become oblivious and ignorant to a lot of the other important business factors that influence how your side hustles and online money making ventures grow. You are essentially shooting yourself in the foot.   Start slow, build a foundation, find purpose in your business, and offer it as a solution to the problem of other people. This is the mantra I operate by as an entrepreneur, and I assure the reader, if you can answer the “purpose and solution” part of a business model, your success is inevitable as long as you stay committed, dedicated, and motivated to build your venture.

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Below is a list of start-up ideas for side hustles to fund your online money making and side hustle ventures. I actively use the below online money making methods / side hustles to help me supplement my monthly income, and grow business ideas. The additional monthly earnings often help me cover any major expense that I may be facing that specific month, and if not, I funnel it into growing my business even more. I stand by these methods as they have actively brought in supplemental cash into my home!

• Complete surveys on SurveyJunkie!
• Build a social media following in the niche of your choice!
• Create a blog for your following / niche!
• Turn a skill into a business (graphic design, furniture refurbishing)!
• Product flipping (re-selling products purchased cheap)!
• Freelancing (mTURK, Upwork, and Fiverr)!
• Affiliate marketing (market products in exchange for commission)!  

I actively partake in each of the following online money making methods, and profit a pretty penny on a monthly basis. I started with SurveyJunkie and began completing surveys in exchange for beer money. I profited anywhere from $10 to $20 per day while doing surveys with SurveyJunkie. You can find our SurveyJunkie link on the menu in the top right. This added up to about $300/monthly.

While I was completing surveys on SurveyJunkie to make money online, I started my next online side hustle which was growing a social media presence. I targeted the fitness niche and began growing an instagram in my spare time, as social media growth is a timely process but like a snowball rolling down a hill, the longer it rolls, the faster and bigger it becomes, and this was true for my social media account. I was gaining about a follower or two per day until I made a viral post then sent my follower count into the 1000s!

At this point, with a decent following that I could deliver content to, I began product flipping and affiliate marketing. Using my freshly grown social media following, I began to present them with products that I felt targeted their interests. As I was focusing on a fitness niche, I offered weight loss books, nutritious recipes for fitness, and even resistance bands. I manage to rake in a sale or two every week earning me approximately $200/month in social media earnings.

With that said, I put the cherry on top with my online money making and side hustles by doing freelance work on sites like mTURK (AMAZOZN) and Upwork. I do medial tasks for pocket change just like the survey, but there is potential to earn more in freelance. You can earn upwards of $50/day if you commit your time and are efficient with your work. I generally do a freelance job once a week to supplement my already growing side hustle, online money making income, and it generally comes out to about $200/week!

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With the following five side hustles / online money making ventures, I supplement my full-time job income with an additional $800/month! That $800 covers all of monthly expenses, and the rest is invested into further expanding my entrepreneurial efforts. I generally put away a percentage of my earnings and use it as a future business fund, for things like business start-up expenses, or paid advertising. If you want to turn that $800/month into $8000/month, you need to invest into your online money making ventures and side hustles. Just like you would water a plant, you must put money into your start-ups to help them grow and flourish into the opportunities that let you quit your 9-5 and turn that side hustle, or online money making venture, into a full time money making operation.

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