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STACK DAT BREAD is a brand new platform designed to provide a reliable and trustworthy venue of knowledge and information for all matters pertaining to monetization. As the name implies, this community is all about stackin' and earnin' dat bread! We diversify in this community, and we welcome all woks of knowledge! As of now we have categories to help you learn how to start building passive income, grow and flourish your business ventures, or dabble into the world of Cryptocurrency. Discovering new streams of revenue has never been easier! 

If you would like to see new categories added to our forum, feel free to send me a PM.

Our Intent

Our primary intent is to facilitate an environment where misinformation, distrust, and poor business practice is exiled from this community. We want to cater to those who are truly dedicated and committed to monetizing their time spent online, but struggle to get started due to the abundance of bullshit that plagues other communities of similar nature. When you surround yourself around likeminded people, you are more likely to achieve your desired goal. 

Plan of Action

We intend to engage our community with two to three articles per week. As we grow our platform and gain reputability with high-quality content,  we will strive to grow the community userbase to establish an active community of bread stackers. 

What to Expect?

Expect to see fine tuning done on the website, on how our content is presented, and how you can share your own content with the community. As of today, anybody is welcome to register and join our community, but posts regarding earning must be pre-approved by myself for the sake of reliability and validity. This is a temporary measure. I am working on a template that will cover every expectation for methods or guides shared in this community to help content creators adhere to our expected standard! 

Final Considerations

I would like to stress that this community will not be ran like a Nazi Regime. If you join us with the intent to learn and share with transparency, you have absolutely nothing to worry about and we welcome you with open arms. If you join this community with the intent to finesse or scam, display poor integrity, or wreak havoc within our ranks, you can expect to be removed from this community without hesitation. Take heed, and be respectful to your peers. Business is never personal, and we join communities like this to learn a new skill, alleviate financial burden, and pave better lives for our families. Be a homie, focus on the dough, and STACK DAT BREAD!

With that being said, we thank you for joining us so early in our growth, and we hope to see you contribute and engage with our community. We are in the "forming the snowball" stage of our project but as content starts rollin' and the community starts growin', you can expect to see our platform snowball into a thriving community.

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Comments, questions, or concerns can be directed to MIKO.

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