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How To: Drastically Skyrocket your Productivity with Uncommon Trick!

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Flawless productivity can be an incredibly challenging task with all of the distractions we seem to face in this world. It may be your phone buzzing, it may be a significant financial stress weighing on your shoulders, or it may be a lack of routine!

As we progress further into a technologically driven society the trait of laziness rapidly begins to dictate our everyday lives. I know that may sound confusing, but hear me out... Of the 24 hours in a day, 8-12 hours is generally spent working and 6-8 hours is spent sleeping. Depending on your lifestyle, you may have up to 10 hours left in your day! How do you spend that time?

You might be doing it wrong...

Scheduling your day can be very beneficial if you struggle to meet your goals...

Until I realized the effectiveness of following a routine, I didn't even realize how much extra time I was wasting in a day.

Let me break down what my weekly time allotment looked like before I dialed into a routine. Of the 168 hours in a week, I spend 40 at my full-time job.

I am getting about 5 hours of sleep a night meaning 35 hours of my week is spent asleep. I follow a strict fitness and nutrition regiment so I allot another 3 hours per day, or 21 hours per week for physical activity and my meals.

My essential weekly activities reserve about 96 hours of my 168 hour week. That leaves me with 72 hours a week, or 10.2 hours day of "extra time". Guess how I spent it?

I wasted over a 1/3rd of my day for years without realizing it. Technology makes wasting that extra time incredibly easy for you. It offers you an easy escape from reality, which is what a lot of us seek in our free time. Unfortunately, you are selling yourself short in the long term. Consider how much time you waste over the course of a year! Imagine making more effective use of your time and spending it pursuing financial freedom?

Time flies by and I can't seem to get anything productive accomplished...

Effective Time Management

How the hell do I do that, you wonder? Routine! With a lil discipline and a routine, you too can invest your free time into building or expanding a venture. You may be just starting a business, or already have an existing operation. Whatever it may be, brushing up your routine will effectively skyrocket your productivity!

How you approach a routine will vary based on how your day to day life is structured. If you have an active lifestyle, your free time might be at random times in the day. If you live a pretty tame lifestyle, you may have extended periods of free time. Breakdown your day to day and determine a routine that works for you.

Breakdown your day and identify where you have extra time to invest in yourself...

How Following a Routine Changed my Online Money Making Experience

I have a very active lifestyle and partake in quite a few extra curricular activities. In addition I now have a beautiful newborn daughter that soaks up most of my time and attention. This made creating a routine incredibly difficult for me. I tried to allot specific times in the day to accomplish tasks. Unfortunately I always failed because hard-setting timings was ineffective for my lifestyle. The constant inability to follow my routine began have negative consequences on my side hustles. It began to demoralize me. I eventually realized my downfall was the unattainable time constraints that I was making for myself.

The Two Different Styles of Routine - Hard and Soft Timings

I began to build my routine around completing tasks within a day, opposed to setting a time to complete task. This worked wonders for my active lifestyle! Let me explain...

Your productivity will skyrocket when you hone in on this skill, but it takes practice!

Instead of setting a task timing for 6PM-7PM, set aside 1 of the 24 hours in your day for the task. With an unpredictable schedule what can be accomplished from 6PM - 7PM on one day may not be possible on another. Hard timings can also be detrimental if you feed off of the rhythm of you work like I do. to your motivation In fact this is why I opt with a different approach.

I determine how much time I want to spend on a task, and I do it whenever I find the time. I call that a soft timing. This requires a little more discipline, but it works wonders for me. Whenever I find time, I fire on a timer and I work as productively as I can within that allotment. It may be at 6AM, it may be at 6PM. Whatever time it may be, I complete the task and check it off as completed for the day. I reset every 24 hours. Believe me, it works.

If you can be effective with this "free-reign" routine, you will find your productivity skyrockets through the roof. How you might ask? You put work in at least once a day, seven times a week. You are effectively at maximum productivity. The increase in work output will be crazy if you can maintain consistency and strike off your tasks daily. If you are struggling to meet your goals or find time to work, this may be the approach for you. Trying out this method costs you nothing, but may change the game for you like it did for me. Give it a try.

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Posted : 21/02/2022 12:40 pm