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Negotiating your way to a lower Internet & Cable bill!

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learn to negotiate your bills to save money

Ignorance truly is bliss. We live in a world where cable and internet providers overcharge their costumers for access to basic services without them even knowing! Service providers conduct their business dishonestly by abruptly adjusting rates without adequate notice to their customers, amongst other questionable business acts.

In this article we are going to rescue your wallet from your internet & cable provider's suffocating grip. You will learn how to negotiate with the sleezy providers that try to coerce and cheat customers like yourself! By the end of this article we will cut your unnecessary cable & internet expenses so you can save upto $800 a year like myself!

negotiate your cable bill
2 hours of negotiating and waiting on hold later, I talk my Internet bill down to $40.24 / month.
I save over $800/year on my Internet and Cable because of these negotiations.

Getting the best deal means doing your research...

Before you start barking for better prices at your service provider, do some research. If you come across confident and committed they will eventually entertain your request. Ask your friends and family what their service expenses are, perhaps they have a price better than yours! Use competitor promotions as ammunition to negotiate your price down. Why wouldn't your provider give you a price better than the competitor if you are a loyal customer? You need to angle it in a similar context and you will always come out victorious in your negotiations with these companies.

You will need about an hour or two of time to negotiate your bill with a provider. This is because negotiating will entail being bounced around to multiple departments such as client care, retention, and customer loyalty. This is part of the game. Your provider is legitimately trying to undermine your negotiation by inconveniencing you with wasted time on hold. Stand your ground. Most people give up after the second or third transfer and lose out on their chance for savings. Is an hour of your time worth saving $800 per year? I know it is for me!

How my Internet provider swindled me out of money!

When my provider suddenly decided to double my monthly Internet cost from $60 to $120 without notifying me, I contacted them with the following statement:

"You've adjusted my monthly price without my consent. If you want my business, you have two options. Meet my old price ($60), beat my old price ($60), or file my cancellation for your services so I can move to your competitor."

internet and cable providers will change your cost without consulting you first
My promotion expired doubling my monthly fees. I was never properly notified, and caught on after missing money in my bank account!

The provider's response was that the promotion expired and because my payments were pre-authorized, the change in price was assumed "approved". Bullshit! This type of business practice makes me furious because the multi-million dollar corporation dips into your pockets first, and then asks questions second. The comedic part of it all is how they pretend like their inability to adequately notify you of price changes is your fault.

What to consider before negotiating with your service provider...

When negotiating with a service representative, be respectful but firm. The person on the other line is a dude or gal just like you and I. They are not personally responsible for you being overcharged on Internet and Cable services, they are just a small cog in a large machine. If you are cool with them, they tend to be cool with you. Negotiations tend to run smoother when the person you are negotiating with is on your side.

do not get frustrated negotiating your cable and internet bill.
Frustration is a sign of weakness. Keep calm and be concise when negotiating. If you aren't happy with the service rep, ask to speak to someone new, or hang up and call back.

This isn't always the case though! If you land on a representative that is extremely difficult to deal with and doesn't want to help you, ask for someone else, or hang up and call back. Sometimes landing on the right service rep will make your negotiations flawlessly easy.

The first 2 or 3 representatives you speak with will constantly try and redirect the conversation by offering you slightly better deals than your existing offer.


Client care and their supervisors will never be able to offer you deals better than retention or customer loyalty. If they happen to offer you a promotion that works for you, fantastic. You can however continue climbing up their corporate hierarchy to save even more money.

Your goal is to get to retention or customer loyalty. If you have been with your provider for a few years, customer loyalty is your go-to. If you are a new customer, retention will be the department you want to pursue.

How I negotiated $960/year in savings with my Internet / Cable provider!

I was gone on a 3-month military course when my provider decided to adjust my monthly offer from $60 / month to $120 / month.There was no notification of the change and I didn't catch on until I was charged $384. You can probably imagine my displeasure. I contacted them and calmly informed them of the following discrepancies:

these companies have no remorse, learn to negotiate to save hundreds of dollars annualy!
I was away for work when I realized I was being overcharged for my services...

MIKO: "You've adjusted my monthly price without my consent. If you want my business, you have two options. Meet my old price ($60), beat my old price ($60), or file my cancellation for your services so I can move to your competitor."

REP: "We are sorry to hear about this, let me see what happened" *rep spends 5 minutes on hold looking into my account*

REP: "Unfortunately your promotion has expired. We notified you on your last pre-authorized bill, so we assumed you approved the changes. At this time we have no similar promotions available to your last $60 bundle, but we can offer you a deal for $110 / month"

MIKO: "As stated, I am not interested in anything but your provider meeting the $60 offer, or beating the $60 offer I previously had. If you cannot do this, cancel my service."

REP: "Sir, we apologize for the inconvenience. As stated, we cannot meet or beat your previous promotion, but we can actually offer you a bundle for $100 instead of $110."

MIKO: "Cancel my service."

REP: "Ok sir, no problem. I will transfer you to my supervisor so you can discuss the issue with her!"


Your first conversation with the provider will be with client care, and they will offer you crappy generic deals. You do not want to speak with client care. The only way they can help you is by transferring your call to the next department above them. Don't budge, say no to client care offers, and ask for a supervisor, retention, or customer loyalty. After speaking with the rep for about 10 minutes, I am transferred to her supervisor:

SUPERVISOR: "Good day, I have been notified of your concerns by our service rep. How can I help you?"

MIKO: "Good day. As I stated to your rep, my price was abruptly adjusted without my consent. I want my price adjusted to meet or beat my previous offer of $60 / month. If you cannot do this, I want to cancel my service today."

SUPERVISOR: "No problem sir... let me take a look into your account."


SUPERVISOR: "After reviewing your account, I have determined that because you were pre-authorizing $60 monthly payments for the last year, the bump to $120 / month was approved by you. We cannot change your price today but we can offer you an offer of $90 / month. How does that sound, sir?"

MIKO: "It sounds like I'm cancelling my service. Start the paperwork. I am moving to your competitor where they are offering me a better deal for less than $60/month."

SUPERVISOR: "One moment sir... I'm just looking here and noticed we can actually offer you a $75/month package. Would you be happy with this?"

MIKO: "Cancel my service."

SUPERVISOR: "Sir, at $75 you are only paying $15 more than your original promotion. As stated, your old promotion no longer exists. The only offer available to you today is $75 per month."

MIKO: "Cancel my service."


SUPERVISOR: "Ok, sir. One moment. I reviewed your file and we truly cannot offer you anything better than $75 monthly."

MIKO: "Fantastic... cancel my service."

SUPERVISOR: "Sir, if we cancel your service and you decide to return, the promotion we are offering will not be available anymore. You will have to pay full price. Take our offer it is the best you will get today."

MIKO: "Cancel my service."

SUPERVISOR: "One second, sir. Let me just put you on hold for a moment."


SUPERVISOR: "Hello, MIKO. Thank you for waiting. I am going to transfer you over to our retention department. They will help you resolve your pricing issue. Thank you, have a good day!"


Supervisor can sometimes make you a decent offer if you are lucky. It truly depends on what promotions are available to them. Unfortunately the supervisor cannot just write up an offer and give it to you. They follow the providers internal system, and the offers generated for your account are automatic.

As mentioned, the supervisor will try to redirect the conversation repeatedly to try and get you to take their offer. Do not accept if you are not happy with what they are offering you. For instance, I was not being offered what I was asking for and I persistently refused. After asking to be transferred to retention about 4 times, I was finally transferred. I was on the phone with the supervisor for about 30 minutes.

RETENTION: "Good day, MIKO. We are aware of your pricing issue, please give us a moment to review your account."

RETENTION: "It seems like your promotion expired and we began charging you double your regular price. We apologize for this inconvenience. We can offer you a $75 offer like the supervisor mentioned, in addition to credit for the expenses you were not expecting."

MIKO: "As I have stated to your colleagues, if you cannot meet or beat $60 / month, I want my service cancelled today."

RETENTION: "Unfortunately sir, there is no promotion available to you other than $75 / month. Are you sure you do not want to enlist this offer?"

MIKO: "Cancel my service."


You need to have diamond hands when you are negotiating with these scumbags. They will redirect the conversation, offer you turds disguised as ribbons, and pretend like you are the problem and they are the solution. I cancelled my service on October 12th.


CUSTOMER LOYALTY: "Good day, MIKO. Your file came across our desk this morning. Can we ask you why you cancelled your service with us?"

MIKO: "Your billing team adjusted my monthly rate without adequately notifying me. I requested an adjustment with your client care, a supervisor, and retention. My request was simple, meet or beat my previous $60 / month charges or I cancel my service and move to a competitor."

CUSTOMER LOYALTY: "We apologize for the inconvenience, sir. If we can have a moment of your time, we'd like to make you an offer that can truly represent the loyalty you've had for us these last 3 years of service. How does $40 / month sound for the exact same Internet, plus a free cable box with a starter package?"

MIKO: "I will accept this offer on one condition. The charges made to my account for the month of September and October are credited back to my account, as I was not expecting changes in price and this to me was dishonest business."

CUSTOMER LOYALTY: "Absolutely. We will credit you $120 to your account and set you up with your new promotion. Please remember that promotions will expire yearly and your best bet to hold onto your price is to call before the promotion expires!"

MIKO: "Thank you for your help."

learn to negotiate your cable and internet bills with this article
With this negotation strategy, I talked my bill down to $40.24 / month.
That is $983.88 in savings yearly!

Customer Loyalty contacted me less than 24 hours after cancelling my service with the provider. The conversation was one-sided, and I was offered exactly what I was asking for - meeting or beating my previous $60 promotion. With a lil persistence and the ability to stand your ground firmly, you can emulate this negotiation style and save yourself some money. It costs you nothing to try, plus you may be surprised with how much you are truly being overcharged!

negotiate and get extras from your provider like a free year of Disney Plus
In addition to my savings, I received a complimentary 1 year Disney+ subscription.

Thank you for reading our article on negotiating your cable bill!
Questions, comments, or concerns - please feel free to comment!

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planning the call to my provider as we speak, thank you for this article! will update with results shortly. 🙂