How to: Earn passive income with SurveyJunkie!

Starting to earn money online can be a daunting task. Believe me, I know. I speak from the perspective of someone who spent countless hours looking for a formula to become an overnight millionaire.

I am very much so a “bite off more thank I can chew” type of guy, so I found it very easy to fall into the rabbit hole that is online money making methods and guides. I would spend immeasurable amounts of time in front of a screen evaluating all sorts of earning methods that I hoped would be the key to providing me with financial freedom.

Imagine earning an extra $1000 making money online, or pursuing a side hustle!

I realized sooner than later that if I persisted with such big expectations in such a short-term, I would never truly build a strong business foundation.

I chose to leave behind my metaphorical clown shoes, you know, the ones I stomped around in during my early entrepreneurial days, lookin’ like an absolute goof trying to find cookie cutter online money earning methods online.

It was when I started taking baby steps that launched my online earnings into the stratosphere, and funny enough, it all started with earning money online doing surveys!

Surveys for money is a very popular method to start earning passive daily income for absolutely no investment. It costs nothing to start, but does require an internet-compatible device that is connected to the internet.

I will say that in the past, I always found it difficult getting my head wrapped around platforms that offered surveys for earning money online. This made me very skeptical and avoidant because I truly did not believe they worked.

I found that pretty much every platform I accessed lacked aesthetic appeal, and was difficult to navigate. I would do survey after survey, and never qualify. If I did qualify, the experience was horrific, and most of the time, like a 2006 dial-up internet connection, I would drop site connectivity and lose any chance at reimbursement for my time. The experience sucked!

I popped my entrepreneurial cherry when I decided to break down my business approach and come in from a “baby-steps” approach. I was earning 0$ passive income and no matter what I tried, nothing worked for me, but I was desperate for some change. I challenged myself to turn that 0$ into anything but 0$.

Figuring out how to start making money online

What happened when I dialed in was beyond my belief. I quickly discovered that I could have been earning $15 to $20 daily doing the surveys I struggled to complete, on a platform that alleviates all of the previous hassles and issues I experienced on the old school survey money making sites.

SurveyJunkie was the answer to my “how to earning money online from home” problem! SurveyJunkie is a platform that provides you with a very easy to navigate interface for online surveys for money. The SurveyJunkie platform determined what the downfalls of their competitors were, and created an aesthetically pleasing, interactive, and easy to use platform to earn money by filling out online surveys!

Online money making earnings proof from SurveyJunkie!

Continue reading and we will share with you the sign up process to SurveyJunkie, how we earned $5 within our first 10 minutes of using the platform, and how you can use it too to earn $$$ daily, and help grow your passive income!

We start by signing up to SurveyJunkie. We recommend signing up with your email, but you can alternatively use your FaceBook account or your Google Account!

Clicking the button above will open a new tab and redirect you to a page that looks just like the one below! This is SurveyJunkie’s homepage, and will be the landing page you are directed to whenever you need to login to your account. We enter our email address as displayed below and we sign up!

Registering to make money online on SurveyJunkie homepage!

After signing up, you will be directed to your user profile. Promptly filll out your profile, and complete your first survey, the “General Profile”. Make sure to complete this survey and fill out your profile fully! This will help you qualify for more surveys, which is very beneficial for your time and earnings. Your page will look like this when logged in:

Once you register, you will be prompted to complete your profile!
This is the SurveyJunkie homepage when logged in!

Completing your “General Profile” survey (50 points) and filling out your profile (5 points) awards you a total of 0.55$ in your account, and likely a buttload of surveys ready for you to start earning from.

Awarded 50 points for completing “General Profile”!

Qualifying for surveys is unfortunately the downside to earning money online completing surveys. You just wont be eligible for everything. On average, you qualify for about 1/5 surveys depending on your demographic. SurveyJunkie is dope because it will try to display only surveys that you should be eligible for based on what you filled out in your “General Profile”.

You on average qualify for 1/5 surveys!

I immediately dove into surveys after completing my profile. The very first survey I attempted to complete, I failed to qualify.

As I mentioned earlier in this article, there are unfortunately pitfalls to online money making with surveys, as per any business venture. Sometimes you qualify, sometimes you don’t. This is determined on your provided survey answers and the expected answers a surveyor is seeking for their research.

Not qualifying is hardly a pitfall, but it is a downside to online money making with surveys. This is because you essentially lose the 2-3 minutes you spent filling out the initial demographic survey to qualify. Time is money. We want to be efficient. Continue reading to learn how to increase your chances to qualify on most surveys.

You don’t always qualify for surveys, but you are usually always compensated for your time!
We are awarded 2 points for our failed eligibility!

The second survey proved to be much more worth my time. It was worth 420 points ($4.20) and started off by asking me some general demographic questions to identify my eligibility. I remained consistent with the points that I put in my first “General Profile” survey. Check it out:

Completing an eligibility survey to see if I qualify to make money online with surveys!

I successfully qualified for the survey, and began to plug away. Most surveys request that you do not share their content, so out of respect for their research, I will not show you survey specific questions, but I will share examples. Qualifying for surveys looks differently based on the surveyor, but here is what it looked like for me:

Qualifying for a paid survey through SurveyJunkie to start making money online!

Survey questions are always pertaining to your personal opinion on a matter, so be honest. On the odd occasion, surveys will have “trick questions” to make sure you aren’t a bot, or that you are actually paying attention and giving truthful, valid answers. With that said, have some integrity and be clear cut on your survey, but also don’t spend excessive amounts of time doing them. I usually fire through surveys estimated for “20 minutes” in less than 5.

I will note that consistency is crucial. Make sure that you remember the information you provide to SurveyJunkie during your first “General Profile” survey. Like I mentioned earlier in this article, SurveyJunkie pushes surveys you should be eligible for. If your answers are inconsistent to your profile, you may be penalized by losing out on survey eligibility, which ultimately loses you money.

After completing my survey, I submit and am redirected to SurveyJunkie where I am awarded 420 ($4.20) points for my effort! Check it out below:

Earning money online through survey completion.
Successfully completed online survey and was paid money online (420 points = $4.20)!

An hour of effort and you will see passive gains ranging anywhere from $15 – $25 daily! Granted, this money will not buy you a home or put you in a Lamborghini. What it can do is fund other business ventures, give you a small financial cushion, or even cover your entertainment expenses. $10 daily (which is super easy) is $300 monthly!

Sign up (1 minute) > Three Surveys (15 minutes) > 538 points ($5.38) earned!

Incorporate this task into your daily routine with minimal effort and start earning money online with surveys today! I advise anybody to start doing online surveys with SurveyJunkie. With the simple navigation, you can easily create a passive daily income doing these medial tasks.

Check out SurveyJunkie today and start earning passive income at home today! You too could start earning minutes into registering, and start putting money aside to grow a start your own business or build a bigger side hustle!

Click on our SurveyJunkie sign-up to start earning now!
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