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How to Avoid Burn Out at Work!

What is Burn Out?

“Burning out” is defined by WHO (World Health Organization) as a syndrome caused by unsuccessful management of workplace stress. It is essentially a form of exhaustion that tends to plague creatives and workers with extensive job demands. Fun fact, WHO (World Health Organization) classifies “burn out” as an occupational phenomenon. This means it is not classified as a medical condition.

What does Burn Out feel like?

Burning out can really put a fork into your road. It is abrasive to your goals, it inhibits productivity, and it is a symptom of deteriorating mental health. It can leave you feeling mentally and physically exhausted, unmotivated, and is often associated with conditions such as anxiety and depression.

What causes Burn Out?

It is implied by the WHO (World Health Organization) that burn out is caused by unsuccessful management of chronic workplace stress. Working excessively on creatively demanding tasks can also be attributed to burning out. If the gas tank in your vehicle is empty, you ain’t driving nowhere! Apply that thought to your think tank. With no “fuel” in your think tank, you ain’t gonna be doin’ much thinkin!

920 of 1000 employees admitted to feeling “burnt out” with their current jobs!

How does Burn Out affect my Health?

Extreme physical and emotional exhaustion can lead to significant health conditions like anxiety, depression, and even panic disorders. Simply put, burn out can have a severe impact on your mental health. Unfortunately toxic misconceptions stemming from different fields of work will have you thinking the cure to burn out is working harder. Don’t be fooled! Trying to work through burn out will only lead to deeper health complications.

Causes of Burn Out

  • Excessive workload
  • Lack of boundaries
  • Lack of recognition
  • Inadequate self-care routine
  • Stress

Effects of Burn Out

  • Mental Health concerns
  • Lack of motivation
  • Difficulty to focus
  • Exhaustion
  • Frustration

Five of the most common causes and effects of burn out are listed above. If you are “burnt out”, there is no shame in being open about how you feel. The stigma associated with taking a break in high paced work environments usually deters people from addressing burn out. The fear of being labeled “incapable” or “inadequate” usually motivates people to try and work through this form of exhaustion which is a fatal mistake. This could cause a deep dive into conditions like depression and anxiety.

Am I burnt out?

Burning out is a great indicator that you are due for a well needed break. Funny thing is burn out will manifest itself differently from person to person. Motivators like keen interest in your niche and drawing satisfaction from your work can increase your “working” endurance. In retrospect, lack of interest and forcing yourself to complete work day by day will cause burn out to occur at an accelerated rate.

How do you tell if you’ve burnt out?

  • Feelings of disinterest, exhaustion, and lack of motivation
  • Reduction in productivity
  • Creativity has taken a toll, or has come to a full-stop
Burning out can manifest itself in people differently.
Some experience severe exhaustion, others experience depressive symptoms!

How to fire yourself up after burning yourself out!

If you feel burnt out do not worry! It happens to the best of us. Kudos to your hard work, but your mind and body is telling you its a good time to take a break. If you are feeling burnt our and seeking relief, the name of the game is relaxation.

Clear your mind…

First of all, you need to calibrate your mind and pursue a state of “zen”. Your favorite soothing and relaxing activities are prescribed for your rehabilitation. Get your mind off the job or the task, and take some time for YOU. Peaceful nature walks, meditation, and vibing to music are all options I enlist in my pursuit for zen.

Strengthen your body…

Secondly, a fantastic strategy that I incorporate is a fitness regiment. I like to do resistance training and some cardio daily. It is a fantastic outlet for negative energy, and the increased oxygen intake helps to get the creative juices flowing. Perhaps if you do not already exercise, you can incorporate some kind of fitness regiment into your routine.

Improve your nutrition…

Thirdly, proper nutrition is crucial! If you are not fueling your body adequately, how do you expect to operate at peak efficiency? Imagine getting into your car, looking at an empty fuel gauge, and still embarking on a journey. When you need to get someone to fetch you fuel, are you going to feel like an idiot? Apply that concept to fueling your body. Poor nutrition, poor performance. Ask my ol’ lady, I am irritable when I am hungry. As most of us know, working irritable is never an enjoyable experience.

You are your own most important asset… take care of yourself!

Preventive Measures to avoid Burn Out!

There are a number of preventive measures you can take to delay the onset of burn out. Keep in mind that no combination of preventive measures will fully prevent this phenomena. If you red line your body and mind on a daily basis, burn out is inevitable.

Prioritizing Your Efforts!

Take a moment to reflect on your hustles and ventures. What matters to you? Where is your time best suited? What type of work is going to garner the best results? Ask yourself these questions and make a list of your priorities. Work from highest to lowest priority. If you run a tight ship this priority list will ensure you get the important work done. If you need to reallot tasks and timings in the lower priority you can do this for the sake of preventing or recovering from burn out.

How about a lil discipline?

You can leverage discipline to prevent burn out as well! With good discipline comes strong routine, enviable consistency, and a splash of efficiency. Being able to follow a routine is a crucial skill that comes with having good discipline. If you can follow a routine, you can ensure consistency. With consistency, your only concern is efficiency. Dial in your discipline and it will take you a long way. Take a look at some of the worlds greatest entrepreneurs. They all preach a similar narrative. Discipline.

Creating Healthy Boundaries!

Burn out does not discriminate between lines of work. It does occur most commonly in higher paced environments, or with creatively demanding work. If you keep pushing your body and mind, you will eventually feel the effects of burn out, no matter how hard working or resilient you are. Everyone has limit, stay within it. If you can create healthy boundaries for yourself, you can avoid burn out quite efficiently.

Take our articles on STACK DAT BREAD for instance… I strive to write an article every 3 days. I do this to prevent burn out, offer a consistent flow of content to my users, and maintain maximum effort when writing my articles.

Miko’s Creative Process

  • Day 1: Rest Day
  • Day 2: Article Prep (Choose a topic, gather information, brainstorm format)
  • Day 3: Write Up (Write the article and finalize. If necessary, take 4th day to finalize)
I use a creative process to help me prevent burning out!

Take Pride in Your Work!

The greatest motivator is believing in your content. If you can take pride in your content, your baseline “burn out endurance” is going to be much higher compared to somebody who dreads their work. This is an interesting phenomenon, and supports the idea that burn out manifests differently in everybody. It seems like repetitively doing tasks that you do not enjoy doing amplifies the onset of burn out. With that in mind, do not deter from doing things “you don’t like”. Sometimes, a part of life is fulfilling duties or commitments that we do not like. Keep that in mind!


Balance, like discipline, is an invaluable skill. With a strict and coordinated balance between your work life and personal life, you can ensure that you never get too “burnt out”. In fact, you can balance your life in a way where you take advantage of your free time to fire yourself up for when its time to work. Consider author, salesmen, and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar’s quote below:

“You can’t truly be considered successful in your business life if your home life is in shambles.”

Zig Ziglar (Author, Salesmen, Motivational Speaker)

Unfortunately, burn out is inevitable…

As mentioned, red lining your body and mind on a consistent basis will lead to inevitable burn out. Fortunately, there are preventative measures in place that you can enlist to help you prevent the effects of burn out. I take pride in saying I actively enlist every single one of these points to prevent burn out, because it truly is a debilitating phenomenon. If you want to main efficiency, stay productive, and continue working hard on your hustles and ventures, keep our article in mind!

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