pursue your set goals and achieve them

How To Set Goals and Achieve Them!

How To Set Goals and Achieve Them!

What do most successful hustlers and entrepreneurs have in common? Take a moment and think about it… the answer is their imaginative foresight and ironclad goal setting skills!

Setting goals and achieving them is a vital skill. In fact, it is often leveraged by the financially elite to amplify their wealth and success! Goals have no bounds, the only hurdle preventing you from achieving them is yourself! In this article we discuss how to set goals and achieve them!

how to set goals and achieve them
Learn how to set goals and achieve them in this article!

What is Goal Setting?

Goal setting is the process of identifying and pursuing a list of interventions that will help you achieve a desired outcome. Achieving your goals generally entails a detour from the path of least resistance. Goals are fantastic motivators! The pursuit of a goal is exhilarating, and the achievement of a goal is intoxicating. If you can leverage the satisfaction of pursuing and achieving your goals, your success will hold no bounds. Keep scaling your goals and watch as your hustle blasts off into the stratosphere!

“Goals have a pervasive influence on employee behavior and performance in organizations and management practice”

Latham, G. P., & Locke, E. A. (2007). New developments in and directions for goal-setting research. European Psychologist, 12(4), 290–300.

Types of Goals

Articles I read on “Types of Goals” during the prep phase of this article all indicated dozens of different types of goals. For the sake of simplicity, we will discuss the 4 most impactful goals you need to consider.

Short Term & Long Term

Time based goals are the most common type of goal setting. Most people create short term and long term goals without realizing it. Planning to clean your house this weekend? That’s a short term goal. Saving up to buy a new car? That’s a long term goal. If you want to make better use of short term & long term goals, breakdown your vision, write it down, and look at it. Keep looking at it. While you’re looking at it, pursue it. Just like you plan and execute cleaning your home or saving for a purchase, you can plan and execute your vision to make it a reality. Write down your goals and pursue them!

improve by setting goals
Learning how to set goals and achieve them will help you scale your hustle!

Life Goal

What drives you to wake up every morning? Is it the pursuit of happiness, is it your mini-me, or is it an insatiable hunger to hustle? Whatever your answer is, that driving force is probably aligned with your life goal. Before I had my daughter, I was pursuing a career in the special forces. I was training heavily and sharpening my mind with the intent to apply after fully qualifying in my trade. After having my daughter, my life took a spin and my goals spontaneously shifted to being the best Dad I can be.

dont let anbyody knock your hustle
Don’t let anybody knock you off your hustle. Set your goals and strive to achieve them!

Stepping Stone Goal

Stepping stone goals are assortments of goals that will help you advance to a desired outcome. If you are ever wondering how to set goals and achieve them, this is a great strategy. Create small, achievable goals that will slowly advance you to our desired outcome. Achieving these mini goals will wire your mind to pursue further accomplishment satisfaction and consequently improve your hustle! This approach can be referred to as the “baby steps” strategy.

stepping stone goals help you reach your main goal
Think of small goals you can pursue that will help you achieve your main goal!

What are the benefits of Goal Setting?

College of Business, University of Arkansas-Fort Smith conducted a research study that can be found on Google Scholar titled “Enhancing performance through goal setting, engagement, and optimism“.

Their study concluded the following:

  • Goal setting leads to engaged employees;
  • engaged employees exhibit higher levels of workplace optimism;
  • higher levels of workplace optimism improves individual performance of an organization’s employees.

The study implies that goal setting is not only beneficial to your individual work performance but also to the performance of your colleagues, and the business as a whole. The benefits of goal setting are not limited to increased work engagement and optimism, there are many other benefits to goal setting such as:

Motivate you to accomplish your tasks…

Motivation is described as a desire to attain a particular outcome, irrespective of how pleasant or unpleasant the pursuit and attainment of said outcome is. In Elliot T. Berkman’s “The Neuroscience of Goals and Behavior Change“, he writes that motivation correlates to the human urge of seeking a reward. The more satisfaction we reap from this reward, the more we are motivated to pursue it! There is always an underlying reason to why you have a goal. Pursuit and achievement of this goal is always going to be a huge motivator.

Focus your efforts…

Properly setting your goals means envisioning your short term and long term future. If you can visualize and plan out your moves before making them your success is inevitable. If you know what you need to do to achieve your goals, focus your efforts and make it happen. Buckle in for the next 6 months and see where your goals take you.

Goals make you accountable for your progress…

Accountability is an important asset in a hustlers deck of resources. If you make a mistake, holding yourself accountable will help you adapt and overcome next time around. If you cannot be held accountable for your mistakes and failures how do you expect to adapt your approach next time around? This is why being accountable for your goals and actions is crucial. You can actually breakdown how you approach a goal and determine what you did correctly and incorrectly.

chase your success
If you can learn how to set goals and achieve them your sucecss is inevitable! Keep hustlin!

Ask yourself the following….

The benefits of achieving your goals are unignorably remarkable. Take a moment and think about a thriving business or a wealthy person…

What do you think dictates how decisions are made in a thriving business?
How do you think the wealthy amplify their wealth?

The simple answer is setting goals and pursuing them with ferocious effort and dedication. Businesses that fail to operate within the arcs of their business plan tend to go belly up. The same concept applies to individual hustlers with a lack of goals or vison. If you cannot envision your dreams and break down the steps required to get there, how do you intend on getting there?

How to Set Goals and Achieve them!

Envision your ideal future…

Take a moment to close your eyes and think about your ambitions and dreams. Ask yourself the following:

  • Where do I see myself in the next 6-12 months, 3 years, 5 years?
  • What takes priority? (achieving financial independence, taking care of your family, advancing a career)
  • What is my contingency plan if life throws me a curve ball?

First off, the scale of your ambitions will determine the time it will take toachieve your goals. That is why it is important to plan short term and long term goals. Accomplishment is rewarding for the brain, and a breadcrumb approach will be a significant motivator for you. Keep accomplishing your goals and see how insatiable the hunger to accomplish more becomes.

Prioritization is also important. What matters to you now? Set your short term goals to reflect your interests. Although considering long term goals may be speculative, it is also a great idea to think about the future. This will allow you to tailor your approach to pursue the necessary steps to achieve your goals.

Lastly, time influences change. This change may affect the way you look at the goals of your past. Perhaps now you think bigger, or maybe now you are pursuing a different type of goal. Whatever it may be, considering a contingency plan, or “plan b”, is advisable. I am essentially suggesting not to put all your eggs in one basket. If you can create lower priority stepping stone goals for yourself that aid in the development of other pursuits, that is an ideal scenario!

envision yourself setting goals and achieving them
Envision your future and breakdown the steps you need to take to make that dream into a reality!

Write it down…

Keep track of your thoughts! I keep a notepad with me to write down any idea that comes to mind. I often get my ideas whilst doing other tasks, such as completing chores, hangin’ with the lil one, or playing video games. I learned the hard way that “ill remember” is a great way to not remember whatever your ideas were. Keep your thoughts written down, this will help you tailor your approach to accomplishing your goals much more effectively.

write down your goals
Write down your thoughts! I keep a pad and pen on me at all times to keep my ideas jotted down.

Pursuing and achieving your goals…

If setting your goals is the bread, then pursuing and achieving them is the butter. Setting, pursuing, and achieving all go hand in hand. If you set yourself up for success, the motivation to pursue becomes easier to maintain, and the achievement will charge you up to expand and further pursue larger scale goals. Important considerations for when you pursue your goals:

  • Draw inspiration from the pursuit of your goals, this will keep you on track;
  • Stay consistent, stay determined, stay hungry;
  • Do not let detours or hurdles prevent you from achieving your goals; and
  • Patience is vital, not every accomplished goal will result in “material reward”. They do however advance your progress towards your dreams and ambitions.
pursue your set goals and achieve them
Take pride in the pursuit of your goals and the real achievement will be your love of the hustle!

Closing Remarks

At the cost of nothing you can revitalize your hustle by evaluating your ambitions and setting goals to achieve them. It is an asset used by successful hustlers and businesses to pave a path to a desired outcome, such as kickstarting a hustle, monetizing a skill, or building a business. Get out your pen and pad, time to set goals and achieve them!

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      Happy to hear the article fired you up. Goals seem to be undervalued nowadays. Weird times we live in. Even the smallest goals will wire your brain to want to achieve because the feeling of achievement (reward) is intoxicating.

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