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How to: Start your own profitable blog in 2022!

VOLUME 1 of 3 (First steps to starting your own profitable blog!)

Opening Statement

This article is a culmination of my own tips, tricks, and personal experiences with how to start your own profitable blog in 2022! The article will be broken up into multiple segments to cover the abundance of information and experiences that I wish to share with my readers. Updates will be made as new volumes are released.

In this segment I discuss tuning your mindset, creating a routine, and selecting a niche!

I started my first blog 4 years ago targeting a mixed martial arts niche. I remember the day the lightbulb in my brain lit up. The excitement and motivation pulsing through my veins was exhilarating. The educational resources I was subscribing to sold me the dream of running my own profitable blog online and I fell for it. Hard.

Running a blog in 2022 can be an incredibly profitable venture!

Unfortunately, running a profitable blog is nothing like these earn money online sites make it out to be. Google “how to earn money online” and be bombarded by articles titled to the tune of “22 ways to make money online” or “Get rich with these 35 oddly numbered money making methods!”. In these articles, you see “start a blog” plastered somewhere around the top 3 most profitable options to earn money online. You aren’t necessarily being lied to. The feasibility of profiting from a blog is definitely possible, but is it practical?

It takes time, effort, and consistency to run a profitable blog. A lot more than the average person is willing to admit they have, and that’s no joke. This is because the initial stages of growth are almost never profitable when making a blog. It makes it extremely difficult for most people to stay consistent when the rewards you so eagerly want to reap are nowhere in sight. This type of mindset will unfortunately be the downfall of your blog, or any other venture you pursue… unless you plan on selling drugs which I would imagine elicits a quick return but expect your profits to cycle back into covering lawyer fees when you get busted 😂

Just kidding! Don’t commit crimes to earn money!
Join STACKDATBREAD and learn to earn from the comfort of your home!

Starting your own Profitable Blog: Tuning your Mindset!

Changing your mindset is the first step to starting your own profitable blog. You need to cater and nurture to your creation to see it flourish just like you would a plant! For example, when you water a seed, it eventually punches through the soil and grows into a thriving flower. This concept can easily be applied to running your own blog. Plant your seed by finding a niche you intend on pursuing. Water your plant often by creating high-quality content to share on your blog.

Stick to your routine and eventually your seed (blog) will grow and flourish into a money tree (profitability and earnings). Fixating your efforts on how quickly you will “earn $1000 a month” is going to hinder your blog development significantly. Focusing on producing quality content and engaging your userbase consistently will bring you more effective and reliable results.

nurture your blog by creating content, use your blog to make money online.
Nurture your blog like you would nurture a plant. Water it and watch it grow!

I unfortunately lacked the knowledge and did not possess the right mindset when I reflect back to my first blog, MIKOS-MMA. My lack of discipline and consistency costed me 4 years of potential growth in a thriving industry. I burnt out quickly because I expected quick returns for minimal work. That was not the case. I spent copious amounts of time researching content to make sure I shared reliable content… My perfectionism was kicking in and I refused to share content that I suspected was inaccurate or false in nature.
With no immediate compensation accompanied by my severe impatience served for an unfavorable result… I gave up. I was down $90 (hosting & domain) and dozens of hours.

Keepin’ up? Cool…

Starting your own Profitable Blog: Maintaining a Routine!

Maintaining a routine is the second step to starting your own profitable blog. Watch videos of successful business people discussing their day-to-day operations. There is always a common theme when the people aren’t diabolical masterminds like Elon Musk… the common theme is ROUTINE. Stick to the schedule. Time is an immeasurably valuable asset. Make effective use of your time!

Maintaining a routine will help you stay consistent with your blogging goals!

My productivity increased tenfold after designating timeslots for my side hustle work. I would set an hour long timer, fire on my headphones and start plucking away at my to-do list. When the lil hand struck 12 and my hour was up I would dial into my next task and execute. Following a routine helped me become incredibly efficient with my work because I would direct my concentration and effort towards accomplishing my task.

If you have read this far, there must be a tiny flame inside of you itching to start a blog. Do it. Even the slightest amount of interest. DO IT. Get started. It costs you nothing to start writing up content and saving it into a folder. If you enjoy writing the content, put together a buttload of articles and design a platform to share them on later. You do not need a fancy landing page with the pop-up email scrapers and the blinking LED lights to start. All you need to do is clear your mind, kick yourself into gear and get started!

Starting your own Profitable Blog: Picking a Niche!

With your mindset and work ethic fine-tuned for starting a profitable blog, we can start to dabble in blog specifics! Third step is picking a niche. Your niche is an “area of expertise”. It will determine the type of content you deliver and how it should be delivered to your audience. When deciding what niche to pick, consider the following:

Will I enjoy creating content for my niche?

This is crucial. You will burn out before you see a dime if you don’t enjoy working on the blog. The human brain works in mysterious ways and learning to appreciate the grind is a must. The beginning of a blog is the time to lay a sturdy foundation for a profitable online business. If you aren’t happy, you will struggle to put in the work!

I loved setting up, designing, and creating content for MIKOS-MMA. There was an online series that essentially held my hand through every step and guided me from start to finish. I love the hustle because the thought of running my own profitable blog was intoxicating. I took great pride in my work. In addition to “loving the grind” I had a passion for mixed martial arts and combat sports which definitely motivated me to write. Training Karate and Hapkido from a young age was certainly a prime influencer for my first ever choice of niche.

Will I be able to consistently generate content for my niche?

If your niche is too specific you may struggle to create content. In retrospect, if your niche is too broad, you may struggle to target readers interested in your articles. Your number one priority is content creation. If you can consistently make content for your niche of choice, thumbs up to you. Everyone will struggle as they expend their ideas. No stress! Use “sub-niches” to fuel your ideas. For instance, an athletic footwear niche could have sub-niches such as “soccer shoes, basketball shoes, golf shoes” or even “Adidas, Nike, Jordan”.

Ask yourself this: Will I be able to generate ideas for content 6 months from now?

I personally had content creation problems after running out of ideas…

This is the aspect I failed in my first blog. I never truly considered the type of content I was going to create for MIKOS-MMA. This was one of the vital mistakes I made, and likely the catalyst to me eventually giving up. I started to struggle with content after posting about 2 dozen articles. This led to a severe lack of motivation, which eventually led to me never opening up the blog again.

I found MMA to be a challenging niche to target because of the significant variety of sub-niches (martial art styles) in the market. In addition to the variety, the knowledge I needed to deliver in each sub-niche was often significantly different than the other. The content of a Brazilian Jiu Jit-Su article would not be the same as an article on Boxing. As a result, the audience interested in your Brazilian Ju Jit-Su articles may have no interest in your boxing articles, and vice versa.

I was struggling to generate content in the MMA niche because I lacked the knowledge to efficiently create articles and found myself spending a lot of time researching rather than writing!

My failure in this niche does not mean you cannot create your own MMA blog and thrive! This was simply my personal experience with the niche. Here is some food for thought: What if I approached from a different angle and used live events (like UFC fights) to generate content for readers? Could this have alleviated my writers block? These are just some thoughts to consider. It may not have worked for me but don’t let my unfavorable outcome determine yours!

Is there an audience I can engage? What type of competition should I expect?

As you think about a niche you can take pride in and enjoy creating content for, think about this… Is there an audience for this niche, and what type of competition can I expect? The size of your audience usually has a direct correlation to the type of competition you will bump into. Large markets (such as fitness, online earning, travel) will be riddled with heavy-hitting competitors. The broader the niche, the more likely it is to be dominated by a major corporation. Finding that sweet-spot is your ideal scenario. Calibrate your content by dabbling a little more into the smaller sub-niches. This will help you avoid getting overshadowed by the dominators in the market.

Competition is inevitable in high-traffic markets like fitness, travel, and food.
Don’t let a challenge prevent you from starting your blog though!
This simply means you’ll have to just work a little harder to achieve your goals!

What if the niche I chose is dominated by competition?

This does not mean you cannot tackle a major niche like fitness, online earning, or travel. If this is the niche(s) you desire to pursue, all the power to you! You will probably experience some difficulties with ranking on search engines, but if you can punch through the market, you will THRIVE.

I chose a niche, how do I determine the size of my audience, the type of competition, and the keywords to use?

If you are analytical and want to take a peak at statistics, you can do keyword research to gather intel for your niche. Keyword research is looking up the popularity of a string of words on a search engine. Search engines break down searches into “keywords” that send you to the relevant content you requested. Leveraging keywords (also known as SEO) will help you garner more organic traffic from places like Google and Bing.

Google Keyword Planner is a fantastic free keyword research tool.

I recommend doing your keyword research with Google Keyword Planner. There are dozens of SEO services that offer premium keyword research, but why pay? At this point, content creation is your primary objective. Don’t let a small hurdle like paying for keyword research tools prevent you from starting your own profitable blog. Use Google’s free service, and upgrade when you are ready. Keywords should not be the hurdle holding you back from writing content. Write your content and then edit for keywords after!

If you want to optimize for SEO from the jump, sweet! I admire the work ethic and I commend you for wanting to be efficient. Unfortunately, I have yet to write an article on keyword research (as of 10 FEB 2022). Until I compile my own write-up on SEO Keyword research, I recommend using YouTube or Google!

Closing Statement

We love our readers and we thank you for taking the time to read the first volume of “Starting your own Profitable Blog in 2022!”. My intention is to release an article for this volume weekly in order to help you get your blog started. I truly hope the experiences that I share with you in this article prove to be beneficial in your online money making journey!

We welcome you to join our community forums. We are in the growing phase of our launch and trying to establish an active userbase to incite conversations amongst our readers! If you have any comments, concerns, or requests, please register to our forums and share your criticism!

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    1. Check out our most recent article! It is the 2nd volume in the segment and features how your next step in starting a blog, acquiring a domain and choosing a hosting solution.

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